1881 Napa Heritage Napa Cabernet (2018 vintage)


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It was a great idea when it started:

Get together with a group of your winemaking friends in one of the best places in the world to make Cabernet – Napa Valley. Each contributes something unique, a wine made from their own vineyards in within their own sub-appellation. Then, bring it together in a visitor center and museum so that people can not only learn about the Valley, but can taste through the Valley as they learn.

Thus the 1881 Napa Legacy and Heritage Museum and Tasting Room was born. With contributions from some of the most famous names in the Valley, they made a replete tasting experience of all of Napa’s most famous AVAs, and a blended wine to start, all of pure Cabernet. It must have been amazing to be able to taste through Napa in its best forms!

But then, crazy of crazies, the world changed and now while the tasting room is still there, no one is visiting! What to do with all that extra wine?

They agreed to release their treasures to us, and we are happy to oblige, because this is scrumptious Napa Cabernet:

Here is a bold blend of Cabernets from across the warmer reaches of Napa Valley, incorporating hillside fruit. The result is a Cabernet that is dark purple in the glass and opens with explosive blackberry fruits, toasted notes of cinnamon and vanilla spices, and cassis. On the palate it is open, full-bodied and mouth coatingly rich with layers of brown sugar, cocoa, mulling spices and black currant. The tannins are impressive and supple, giving the wine a multi-layered finish.

This is a true story (just visit! This vintage of 1881 Heritage Napa Cabernet needs a happy home. Let’s hope their next vintage is being poured again at 1881 Napa!

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