2000 Taken From Granite “Elegance”



This California red wine blows your mind. Which is exactly what a great California Bordeaux blend should do. Because the greatest of California Clarets should have the benefit of years of maturity.

Most of us ― even those of us who love California wine ― drink California Bordeaux blends without the benefit of bottle aging. Young California Clarets can be delicious, but many California wine lovers don’t know just how great an aged California Bordeaux blend can be. Which is why you have to experience Taken from Granite Élegance 2000. And it all begins with a story:

The first chapter of our story is about the Renaissance Vineyard and Winery in the Sierra Foothills of Yuba County. The vineyard was created from 1975 to 1982 by planting the ideal grapes for its terroir. From its first days, the estate has practiced organic viticulture, using no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. It quickly became the face of Old World-style winemaking in the region. In his Wine Atlas of California, James Halliday wrote, “If there is a more remarkable vineyard in California, I did not see it. Their wines are stunning.”

The second chapter of our story is about Gideon Bienstock, an Israeli artist, whose journey in life lured him to California and its wine. Gideon planted Renaissance Vineyards, became that estate’s winemaker, and then began his own Sierra Foothills winery, the renowned Clos Saron. Luckily for us, Renaissance Vineyards allowed Gideon to buy his favorite cuvées from his years as their winemaker. These wines have been aging perfectly in the Renaissance Vineyards cellars, undisturbed for the past two decades. Gideon re-released the cuvées under the label of Taken from Granite, and I acquired the best of them for you.

Taken from Granite Élegance 2000 is what Gideon calls his “Claret Prestige.” A blend of classic Bordeaux grapes, this wine is the most elegant, the most complex, and the most harmonious of all the wines Gideon required from Renaissance Vineyards. The wine is concentrated with pure fruit aromas, intense flavors, spicy minerals, and a powerful structure. Whenever I drink it, it blows my mind. And I expect it to for several more years.

The next chapter of our story is about you. If you love California wine, you cannot afford to miss an experience like this.

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