2010 Chateau Haut Baradieu Saint Estephe Grand Vin


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Many a Grand Vin from Bordeaux begins with the tale of a fabulously wealthy banker, or a celebrated general, or even a Comtesse of noble origins who founded the great chateau that brings us their profound (and profoundly expensive) wines.

That’s not the case here. Chateau Haut-Baradieu’s history begins with a plowman with the last name of Anney. By plowman, I mean literally mean a plowman – a dude shoving a wooden frame with an iron blade attached through the vineyards. The year was 1678.

Now I obviously didn’t know this Anney, but I can tell you that he was probably one of the most farsighted individuals to be behind a plow in the late 17th century. Why? Because not only was he plowing Chateau Potensac in Bordeaux, but he also noticed how good the soil was for vines. And then further – he acted upon his insight. He bought land!

Where he bought was in Saint-Estephe. And maybe this is why it’s so hard to find out more about Haut-Baradieu: Saint Estephe was considered a hinterland to the metropolis of Bordeaux for about two centuries until Cos d’Estournel and Chateau Montrose firmly put it on the top-tier pecking order in the 1980s.

Whatever the reason for Haut-Baradieu’s obscurity, no matter –it benefits us. From that lonely Mr. Anney plowman nearly 400 years ago, his great x 10 grandson, Christophe Anney, farms the land to this day. And wow, is this Bordeaux a head-turner:

The nose opens with a huge display of black truffles, earth, wood smoke and black berry fruit. This is fully mature Bordeaux right at your door-step and coming at you live in prime time: The elements of fruit, savory, and earthiness that make Bordeaux the king of well-aging Cabernet are showcased here right from the corkpull. The palate remains fresh with a vibrant blue-fruit tone that glides effortlessly across the palate, while also seamlessly integrating a touch of sous bois and an appealing lustiness. The finish is minutes long, with a depth and power that only aged Bordeaux can bring. It’s ready to rock and roll now, but no rush – I believe it will have at least 10 more years in your cellar.

It’s not every day (or everybody) who gets to taste perfectly matured fine Bordeaux. Because we’ve unearthed this lot, here is your chance! Don’t miss this one.

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