2011 Anselmi I Capitelli Passito Dolce 375 ml.



Roberto makes another wine on the hill of Foscarino – a bianco passito dolce – a wine from ultra-ripe white grapes that are then dried, pressed, and made into a dessert wine. To many people, this is the absolute nectar of the gods, on par with the world’s best sweet wines. And with just one sip, you’ll be transported:

The nose opens with a huge olfactory experience of roasted chestnuts cracked open and then caramelized in saffron honey and then reduced with fresh orange juice. While being a full-on dessert wine, this is also a pure culinary delight – do not hesitate to offer the most powerful of cheeses with this wine, or seared foie gras, or for the truly adventuresome, lobster poached in apricot butter. The palate is seemingly endless, with waves of richness, caramelized fruit and marzipan. The finish literally lasts for minutes.

To many people, especially Italians, I Capitelli is the crowning moment of any meal – and it’s usually priced according. Why we were offered a shot at a back stock, fully mature (!) vintage at an extreme discount, I don’t know and don’t want to question. I just know that if you don’t drink this up, I will.

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