2013 Auvigue Saint Veran


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Ever read one of our emails that says something like this – “deliciously drinkable now but will become a treasure in your cellar over the next five to seven years…”

Or maybe a review like this from Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, you name it? Of course you have.

Well, years ago (literally), we started laying some wines down. We at Waterford have the firm idea that wines change as they age, and oftentimes become something very amazing – regardless of their initial price. This is one of our cellar selections, a wine that we put in the cellar and waited for that perfect moment to release. That moment has come, and what a glorious moment it is. Very few people get to taste perfectly matured white Burgundy, and here it is:

The nose has subtle and gracious fruit aromas of Anjou pears, white peaches, honeysuckle and acacia. The palate is fresh, round and crisp, lively from its first attack of apple and mineral flavors all the way through to the last lingering notes of orange peel and brioche. At six years old, this has rounded into something truly special – the fruit has melded perfectly with a chalky minerality, giving the wine incredible depth and persistence.

We love the idea of sharing our cellar selections with you. Please enjoy this curated wine that’s been faithfully aged these past years, just for you!

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