2013 Bhilar Phinca La Revilla Sexto Ano Blanco



Dear Terroirphiles–

Here is a stunning white wine, and the first vintage of its creation. I urge you to try even just one bottle, because it’s amazing.

Bhilar is the winery of husband David Sampedro and wife Melaine Hickman. David comes from Rioja and Melaine from the U.S. They met in Barcelona and fell in love – with each other and making wine. David had grown up in the vineyards, and always wanted to do his own winery focused on the old bush vines of Rioja. Melaine, a wine lover at the start, is now fully part of making wine.

I think their wines, top to bottom, are nothing short of engaging on every level – intellectual as well as hedonistic pleasure. And they are a winery that continues to grow and learn at every level as well. And while I have been following them almost all of their vintages, this is an exciting new project – a Sexto Ano wine, an homage to the classical Rioja aging method six years in barrel before release. And this wine is nothing short of stunning:

It is 100% Viura aged for six years in 100% old French oak barrels. As the winery notes, it is layered, textured, unique and unforgettable. I’ve drunk two bottles now, and that is exactly the case. The nose is all savory – almonds, exotic savory spices, touches of dried flowers, and more. It’s really quite hard to pin down. It smells of delicious old-school white Rioja but without any funk. The palate is layered and rich but not oaky rich, just deeply layered because of the passage of time. The finish is tremendous, incredibly fresh and extremely long. While they’ve held this in barrel for six years, upon tasting it I have to believe they meant it to go the full classical aging regime – six in barrel, six more in bottle. To my palate, this wine is going to last a lifetime.

I love all of their wines so much there will be another email on them this week. But for you who love terroir-driven wines, I wanted to give exclusive access to this gem.

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