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My brothers and sisters in the wine trade like to praise a great California Chardonnay by saying it tastes as good as White Burgundy. They say, for example, “This California Chardonnay is so delicious it could be Chardonnay from Burgundy.” And to all of my brothers and sisters, this California Chardonnay says, “Phooey!” This California Chardonnay is 2013 Domaine Eden Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay, and this California Chardonnay deserves to have White Burgundy to be compared to it.

The elder Mount Eden Vineyard, along with its younger sibling Domaine Eden estate are among the longest, continuing producers of California Chardonnay. What makes the 2013 vintage of Domaine Eden Chardonnay truly special is that 72% of its juice comes from the vineyards of Mount Eden. If you haven’t heard the accolades showered upon Mount Eden — from wine magazines, daily newspapers, and Chardonnay freaks around the world — they are universally superlative. “Few wineries in California create more profound, distinctive wines than Mount Eden,” writes the American wine critic, Matt Kramer. “Indeed, if I were to present to a visiting European, say, the wines of just one California winery to demonstrate the originality of California wine, I’d choose Mount Eden Vineyards.”

The elder Mount Eden and the younger Domaine Eden are owned by Jeffrey Patterson, who has four decades of experience at the Eden estates. He makes Chardonnay from the vineyards of one as honestly as he makes it from those of the other: preserving terroirs of specific vineyard sites, farming conscientiously, fermenting using natural yeasts, aging with Burgundy barrels, and minimally fining and filtering.

There aren’t many California wineries which have the heritage, the pedigree, the terroir, and the stature of the Eden estates. There aren’t many wineries in the world which make this kind of quality Chardonnay for this low of a price. So when you order your bottles of 2013 Domaine Eden Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay — and you really should — don’t tell me how much it tastes like great white Burgundy. Then tell me how much great White Burgundy tastes like it.


Critical Acclaim:

“93 points.

“What a gorgeous wine this is. Quite simply, the 2013 Domaine Eden Chardonnay is a tremendous wine for the money. In 2013, the blend is approximately 72% declassified Mount Eden juice and 28% wine from the Domaine Eden estate proper.” – Vinous

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