2013 Ghostwriter Aptos Creek Vineyard


$49.99 $29.99

I’ve bought Ghostwriter Aptos Creek for years because I love it.  I’ve also personally cellared it for years, and I think that right now, this 2013 is in an amazing position – it’s fully open and expressive of its fruit character, offering up some lush, dark depths to explore.  For those of you who’ve bought this wine before, it is now almost shockingly fruity.  But keep in mind “shockingly fruity” should be taken in the context of a Kenny Pinot – it’s also 12.2% alcohol.  Time has done it well, broadening it, letting the acidity settle into place, and entirely opening up its character.  It’s not going over the hill anytime soon.  I drank the 2008 last week during the final day of All Purpose Restaurant and it was still in prime form.  To put it simply – it is deliciously well balanced California Pinot.  It goes down easy but also offers loads of complexity.