2013 Nederburg Foundation Shiraz


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Sometimes it all comes down to price. Here is a $3 bottle of wine. It wasn’t always three dollars, but now it is indeed three dollars.

The Nederburg family is one of the longest-lasting winemaking families in the world, having started in 1791. I am sure they would be rather upset if they knew that their hard-made wine was being discounted so heavily by yours truly. Yet, as the wilds of the three-tier liquor system go in the U.S., these wines are now orphans, looking for some happy homes to adopt them. Hence, what was once a $15 wine is now just $3.

How does it taste? Kinda lovely actually – it’s got toasty cinnamon notes, black currants, touches of cloves, cassis and notes of black pepper. It is Shiraz so it has plenty of the fruit on the mid-palate, good concentration coming in at 14.5% alcohol, and a nice, rich finish. It is from South Africa so I won’t lie – there is a hint of the SA BBQ aroma going on as well. And, this 2013 vintage has perfectly mellowed into itself with fully integrated tannins, fruit and acidity.

So what do you do with a $3 South African Shiraz?

You could drink it straightaway, as I have.

You could use it as a cellar defender, stopping the nefarious third (fourth?) bottle

charge into the privileged section of the cellar.

You could make a lovely mulled wine out of it for a cozy evening.

You could make a fresh and tasty sangria of it for the morning.

And you could pour it in the braise and make amazing short ribs!


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