2013 Palazzino Argenina Chianti Classico Magnums (1.5 L)


$40.00 $29.99

First, the wine is simply scrumptious. 2013 was a powerhouse vintage in Chianti, and this guy has it all – fruit, savory, spice, mineral, length and depth. In fact, the Palazzino family thought the vintage was so great they bottled a large quantity of 2013 Argenina in magnums.

Second, the family – the Palazzinos – are doing great. Young son Eduardo is working full time with Dad. Dad isn’t restricting creativity though – Eduardo is doing lots of internships and has been creating four or five wines himself as experiments. Some of these experiments are darn interesting and all of them father and son taste and any useful insights are fed back to the main Chianti wines. Palazzino’s wines are always outstanding, but this practice of experiment, critique and implement, I think, will allow them to gain that mystical X factor of the best of the best wines.

Third, Eduardo visited us last year out in Delafield and he got an amazing recieption. Thank you all so much! Because of the interest then, he mentioned these magnums. I just couldn’t resist.

When do you not need a magnum of Chianti? It really should only BE bottled in magnums. And further – I’ve had Chianti back to the 1968 vintage and it ages well. While you can drink these magnums now, I’d personally wait a couple of years and then crack into them. But no rush, I’m guessing you’ll get 30 years or more from these bottles.

And finally, the price. Normally magnums are at least twice as expensive, if not two and a half times more expensive. Eduardo offered me a price that is just slightly more than a 750ml. In other words, it’s a steal.

So to sum up – I’d say buy as much as you can. I professionally bought a mountain because I am personally going to buy an ocean. I’d suggest you do the same, and we’ll all be drinking amazing Chianti for years to come.

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