2014 Whitehall Lane Cabernet



Winter is a great time to cozy up to a rich, velvety Cabernet, but with the multitude of choices available, which one do you choose?  I am often faced with this question and I would like to share my thoughts with you on choosing a great Cabernet. And I’ll introduce you to one of my favorites!

When I choose a Napa Cabernet, I want it to:

·       Be a great value no matter what the price

·       Be tasty and engagingly complex across multiple glasses

·       Be unique and individual—I want it to taste like no other wine.

These concepts may seem a bit blousy, so let me introduce you to my favorite – Whitehall Lane Cabernet.

Whitehall Lane is a great value at its price of $49.99.  Site-specific Cabernet now ranges from $40 to $400 a bottle, it is possible to spend an enormous amount of money with little value in return.  Across multiple vintages and multiple tastings (some of them done blind fashion so I did not know in advance what I was drinking), Whitehall Cabernet has always stood out with its delicious cocoa and raspberry flavors and long, lingering finish.

Whitehall Lane’s Cabernet is so enjoyable it compels me to want to drink another glass.  While some Cabs are hard, tart and tangy so that they only provide intellectual pleasure, and other Cabs verge on fruit preserves, Whitehall strikes a great balance.  It has the classic ripe Napa fruit but with a balanced, refined elegance. The initial smell of cherry, currant and Christmas mulling spices resolves into classic Rutherford velvety mocha tannins.  Every glass leads to a new romance and each successive vintage brings a new perspective on Rutherford Cabernet.

Finally, this wine is individualistically unique because it comes from a specific place – the Rutherford Bench in Napa.  Andre Tchelistcheff, responsible for almost all of Napa quality wine production in the ’50s, 60s and 70s, claimed that the Rutherford Bench was a special place, like none other in the world.  The Rutherford Bench gives Cabernets a certain cocoa, chocolaty dustiness that is completely unique.  Whitehall Lane’s Cabernet is grown on the Rutherford Bench and is endowed with this classic aroma!

I would very much like to invite you to share a glass of this exceptional Cabernet – exceptional under my evaluation for its value; for its complex, seductive taste, and its satisfying uniqueness.

Whitehall Lane Cabernet will be one of your favorites, too!


Critical Acclaim:

“92 points.

“Juicy and fruity with currants, walnuts and hints of fresh herbs. Full body, round tannins and a flavorful finish. Luscious style. Drink in 2019.” – James Suckling


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