2014 Barton & Guestier Bordeaux Blanc


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A long time ago, the Irishman Barton and Frenchman Guestier met and made friends with a very important man – Thomas Jefferson. Thomas was a lover of wine, and Barton and Guestier were wine merchants, with one of them later also becoming the owner of Chateau Leoville. While on a trip to France, these two gentlemen charmed Thomas in the classic French way – with wine, women and song. And because of this connection, the firm of Barton and Guestier became the first wine shipper to introduce wines to the USA. And this is their lovely Bordeaux Blanc:

The crisp, vibrant, tropical and citrus aromas you come to expect from Sauvignon Blanc, along with an element of pear, quince and pommes. This comes from Semillon, which makes up 20% of the blend. Semillon is very common in White Bordeaux – it adds a touch of richness to the palate, a complexity of aromas, and draws down the acidity into a smooth, satisfying apertif of a wine. Barton & Guestier’s is a long-standing American favorite, and it should be yours as well.

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