2014 Masi Passo Doble Malbec (Organic)


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Appassimento is the process of drying wine grapes made famous by the dark, sensual and brooding Italian wine Amarone. To those who love big red wines, there is simply nothing bigger coming out of Italy than its amazing Amarone. Yet appassimento is just a process, and one that you can do anywhere in terms of winemaking. And some Italians did just that.

We may think of the United States as a nation of immigrants, yet we are not the only country in the Americas to experience mass migrations. In the early 1880s, Argentina’s population was around 2 million, and by the start of World War I, it had catapulted to almost 8 million, with nearly all of that dramatic shift coming from European immigration. In fact, at that time, the racial slur gringo was applied to blue-eyed northern Italians.

And what did these blue-eyed northern Italians do once they immigrated? They started making wine. And while the Masi family arrived just a bit later, they brought with them the appassimento style to Argentina, in order to make dramatic Amarone-style Malbec. Or as they say, “Argentinean Nature, Venetian Style.” This is their Passo Doble Malbec:

Malbec’s powerful aromas of blackberry and plum are very pronounced on the nose of this atramentous and bold-drinking wine. Along with its primary fruit comes notes of pencil lead, earth, and black truffles. The partial raisination of these grapes builds in a level of intensity and complexity that most wines at this price simply cannot match. It’s got the horsepower to go longer, but why wait? At five years of age this generous, exuberant wine is right in the pocket and ready to chase the winter blues right out of your glass and body.

Masi is the master of the appassimento style, with their Campofiorin appassimento-style red wine from northern Italy celebrating its 50th vintage. We’ve got both the Passo Doble from Mendoza and the Italian Campofiorin at great prices – enjoy them both!

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