2014 The Pairing Sauvignon Blanc


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And hey!

Every pairing deserves, well, a pair!

What would Napa Valley be without its Sauvignon Blanc?  After all, think of California cuisine — avocado toast with roasted sunflower seeds, Thai chicken salads, smoked salmon and chevre pizza with garlic chives, white asparagus with grilled King Salmon. The Pairing Sauvignon Blanc — paired with food or on its own —  kills it:

Citrus zest, lemongrass and ginger on the nose intertwine with lemon custard and ripe pear richness on the attack. Its rounded and voluptuous, but doesn’t lack for density, integration or zestiness.  For those who want their Sauvignon Blanc to be up front and center, here’s a magical combo.