2015 Chateau Bel-Orme Tronquoy de Lalande



There is something wonderful about good Claret (the red wines of Bordeaux) – they age impeccably well, turning their bright fruity flavors into a richer, spicier, savory, majestic harmony on the nose and palate. The only trouble is finding one that is both right in prime drinking and that doesn’t cost a fortune.

So lovers of mature Bordeaux, here is our steal of the year for you – 2015 Chateau Bel-Orme Tronquoy de Lalande:

The nose opens with a beautiful display of black currant, cassis, roasted walnuts, graphite, spicy cedar and sous bois. Its extraordinary depth of smell is matched by the multifaceted layers of aromas as well. On the palate there is perfect harmony – the supple tannins are fully integrated into both the seamless fruit, midpalate and gorgeous minerality. The finish is long, letting you know that this beauty is in perfect drinking form right now.

But what exactly is 2015 Chateau Bel-Orme Tronquoy de Lalande? Let’s break it down:

2015 was “the vintage of the century” (one of several so far). The French hyperbole aside, this was indeed an incredible vintage. I remember speaking to winemakers and them telling me that it was as if they had a direct line to Mother Nature. Think “we could sure use a little rain” and they got it. Think “how about a week of sunshine for the buds” and it was there. Never too little, never too much. The results were fantastic wines across the board.

Chateau Bel-Orme may not be on the tip of your tongue when listing Bordeaux chateaux, but that’s ok. It’s still got pedigree – it’s right on the backside of Sociando Mallet (hence the Haut-Medoc designation) and is owned by the same people as famed Second Growth Rauzan Gassies. Thus, both the terroir and winemaking team are spot on often producing wines that score near perfection on the 100 point scale and also cost hundreds of dollars.

The Tronquoy de Lalande part comes from the family that made the chateau famous in the late 18th century. They are also the family that hired famed architect Victor Louis to build the chateau that graces the label to this day.

Which is all to say – here is lovely mature Bordeauax at a price that can’t be beat!