2015 Chateau Belgrave


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First, we have Chateau Belgrave from the Left Bank. Although you wouldn’t think of it given its regal stature, Belgrave was once a hunting lodge known as Coutenceau. A hunting lodge for King Louis XIV, that is. Located just west of Beychevelle and Lagrange, if Louis would have hunted just a few meters to the east it would be granted AOC Saint Julien. But Louis was more interested in hunting in the woods to the west, so this humble lodge gets AOC Haut-Medoc, even though it still is a mighty Fifth Growth in the 1855 classification.

Modern-day Belgrave begins with the British, who enjoy renaming pre-existing foreign locations with British proper nouns. In this case, Coutenceau became Belgrave, named after Belgravia, London, where the new owners were living. But no matter, because with the 2015 vintage, Belgrave produced a stunner:

A rich and complex wine, truly showing off the 2015 vintage, Belgrave opens with an elegant expression on the nose of intense dark berry fruit aromas that are heightened with notes of spice, dark chocolate, anise, cinnamon and cedar. Presenting a soft entry on the palate, it gains rapidly to reveal an insanely flavorsome mouthfeel that is underpinned by black cherries, fig, raspberry and just a touch of spice. The tannins provide a totally integrated and seamless finish. Drinking well now (although I would still decant for 30 minutes), it will last at least another decade in your cellar.

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