2015 Chateau de Corcelles Brouilly


$26.99 $19.99

Near as I can tell, Brouilly is one of those places in France that makes stupendous wine yet can’t figure out how to market its wine to outsiders.  I’ve traveled enough in France to find these traits both charming and very French, and once you taste the wine, I think you will too.

Here is a site that since Carolingian times, I am told, has been recognized for making great wine.  If I knew what Carolingian times were, I’d be duly impressed, and yet I don’t.

What I do know is that this is some rockin’ 2015 Brouilly Beaujolais: spicy, brilliant, juicy, tense and, to my palate, a touch bitter in that ever-so-pleasing way—fleshy on the palate and with a flair of joie de vivre that just doesn’t come around enough in wine tastings.  We tasted it down at Brady Street in silence, looked at each other, smiled, hesitated, not wanting to spit the wine like professionals generally do, then we swallowed it and laughed.  And really, what wine can be better than one that makes you laugh?

I’ve traveled to France for wine a few times, and I inevitably meet a couple of vintners who can’t verbally translate the significance of their craft. And yet when I am there, everything makes complete sense.

This is a bottle, from a vintage, a place, and a family, that transcends all cultural differences.  Trust me. Sip this frisky charmer and you will feel the same!

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