2015 Dievole Le Due Arbie Rosso Toscana “Super Tuscan”



Almost 1,000 years ago, Rodolfino Vinizio paid two chickens, three loaves of bread, and six silver denari for a little slice of heaven.

That’s right – the Dievole winery in the heart of Chianti Classico is 920 years old this year, was purchased with chickens, and its name means literally “God Willing” or “The Will of God.” If you visit, it makes perfect sense – here is a property that looks like it comes from the set of Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s so bucolic, idyllic and naturally beautiful that it’s perfectly easy to imagine God touching his finger down to this spot. Of course they make great wine.

Sadly, that wasn’t always the case. A thousand years is a long time to maintain your standards of quality (let alone a reputation) and for many, many years Dievole’s wines did not live up to the standard of God’s Will. But in 2012, Dievole found a fledgling angel investor in in Alejandro Bulgheroni.

When Alejandro Bulgheroni says he wants the best, he means it.  He shells out money to get the best, and shells out even more money to make the best. Dievole may be God’s Will in Chianti, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have $4.7 billion of expertise, vineyard management, and winemaking skill behind you.

And that, my friends, brings us to this wine. Le Due Arbie is the southern portion of Dievole, as mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Here two rivers run together creating a unique microclimate that is perfect not only for Sangiovese, but Cabernet (and Cab Franc) as well. You could call the result a Super Tuscan, or you could just say it is what God would have ordered:

Elegant and overt blue and black fruit character wafts from the glass. Classic Cabernet aromas of cassis, blackcurrant, cherry and graphite. These combine with a sleek Sangiovese character of bright red fruit, cherry compote, arnaceous and fully integrated tannins, and rounded juiciness. Together they create am aria of sensational definition, poise and elegance. Here is a red wine that works as a crowd pleasing cocktail but doesn’t give up any of its pure Tuscan drama. Robust to drink now, it will last for over a decade in your cellar.

The Dievole project gets even better – they make an early-harvested Sangiovese Rosato (Rose) that is simply everything you want in your summer sipping. Sangiovese gives it a dew-covered bright strawberry fruit that has orange zest sprinkled upon it by pretty little fairies. The palate has drive and energy, like it’s a red wine, yet chilled it drinks as refreshingly as a white. It’s amazing as a sun-kissed cocktail, yet pairs with everything from fritto misto squash blossoms to grilled steak. Better still, everyone will love it. Sauvignon Blanc drinkers will adore its fresh zippiness. Chard drinkers will love its fruity richness. Even Cabernet drinks will enjoy its power and deliciousness. In these golden days of summer, it’s simply one not to miss. Here are the offers:

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