2015 Vidal Fleury Ventoux Rhone Red


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Sure, there are many wine commentators in this world – Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, Antonio Galloni over at Vinous, but why not start at the top of the charts, at least for Americans. That’s right, our third President of the United States was a whyknow through and through, collecting and cellaring wine and coining such phrases as “Good wine is a necessity of life.” How true that is.

So why not gather up a glass and take a taste of one of the oldest grower/wineries in the Rhone, one that Jefferson himself visited and proclaimed their wines the be “justly celebrated.” That producer is Vidal Fleury.

Vidal Fleury started in the now famous Northern Rhône appellation of Côte-Rôtie. And like many wineries in Côte-Rôtiethey both grew their own grapes as well as helping other famer’s in the area by purchasing those grapes and turning them into wine. That was way back in 1781, and the firm has continued to flourish to this day, branching out across the Northern and Southern Rhone.

This particular wine – Ventoux, is in the Southern Rhone, or Cote du Rhône, yet achieves the higher appellation level of the village of Ventoux. Ventoux is to the east of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, surrounding the eponymous Mountain the region is named for. Taken all together – history, land, family, and TJ’s recommendation, what you’ve got in your glass is a real treasure:

A scrumptious Rhône blend this wine jumps at the opportunity to be paired with braised meats, game, and hearty vegetable roasts. Its bold and spiced black fruit character leaps from the glass backed up by truffle, garrigue, and roasted plums. There is a dollop of Grenache in the mix, lending a brilliant red cherry character and softening the palate, making it rich and rounded. At five years old the wine is perfect to drink now, at the table or as a cocktail to warm up these cold winter nights.

Lovers of Côte du Rhône, heck, lovers of bold red wines, take advantage of this tremendous deal and celebrate life!

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