2016 Chateau La Courolle



Here’s why it pays to know a little geography when it comes to enjoying wines – just a few short kilometers from the most expensive wines made in Bordeaux lies Chateau La Courolle. Planted on the same blend of clay and limestone that give rise to Cheval Blanc, Ausone, Pavie and Figeac, our humble La Courolle falls outside of that appellation, but continues to produce wines that are nothing short of thrilling with their combination of complexity, depth of flavor and, maybe most importantly, incredible affordability.

Farmed “lutte raisonee” by the Guimberteau family since 1717 and continually planted as a poly-culture, this family isn’t looking for wallet-buster Bordeaux, but rather is handcrafting their wines for food and conversation with friends. There is good fruit and concentration, but also velvety tannins and many layers. It is the perfect burger Bordeaux – let’s not overthink it, and instead just reach for a second bottle:

The nose unfurls with the expression of Griotte cherries, ripe plums and fresh black truffles. It’s right there in the glass – that wonderful expression of Right Bank Bordeaux. On the palate the wine is powerful and succulent, building up to a firm back end that tugs at your tongue, urging a second taste. Combined with that is a rich midpalate of black and red fruits, with echoes of nutmeg, black tea, and cocoa. Perfectly integrated acidity drives it to a long and elegant finish. Whew, that’s delicious, poundable Bordeaux.

For the frugal hedonist, Chateau La Courolle is an absolute steal. But even better, this is from the 2016 vintage. Bordeaux aficionados among you will remember that this vintage is a classic – perfect weather allowed for perfect wines. Right now, it’s drinking right in the center of its deliciousness. But never fear, it will go for at least 10 more years in your cellar.

Always a deal, this back-vintage beauty is at an exceptional price. Don’t miss it.