2016 Domaine Gabriel Billard Pommard Premier Cru Les Charmots


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Pommard Les Charmots is the family’s pride and joy. Planted in 1929, this vineyard yields a commanding and virile wine. Claudie’s Les Charmots is redolent of blackberries, blueberries, cherry pit and ripe plum. It’s muscular and vigorous now, a rich wine not for the faint of heart. Its tannin profile, heightened by 100% stem inclusion, can be tamed with a thick Cote de Beauf or an extravagantly rich cheese. Barring those options, a slumber in your cellar for this giant seems prudent. One year is enough to bring it to light, but as Grandma Milliane well knows, an additional three through seventy will serve you well.

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