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If every communion wine were this good, we’d all be Catholic.

I’m not joking – this is amazing Messwein – communion wine, and you need some.  I know it’s crazy to suggest that communion wine might actually be enjoyable, so let me explain.

In 1083 Saint Altmann, the bishop of Passau, founded the monastery Stift Geottweig near the town of Krems, Austria.  This monastery was to be based on excellence in two occupations – vineyards and forestry. As the current Stift Goettweig monks put it, “Since that time, wine-growing has been the basis of the local economy, under continuous development.”

Monks are supposed to be humble, so I’ll put the quotation another way – these local boys have had nearly 1,000 years to perfect their winemaking craft.

A millennium of making wine to glorify God. Think about it – this wine is not going to suck.

But that’s not enough.  In 2003, the monks reached out to all the top vintners in Austria, looking for innovation in their winemaking tradition.  What they got back was the dynamic duo of Fritz Miesbauer and Franz “Goose” Gansberger, widely regarded as two of Austria’s top vintners.  In 2006, the new team was fully formed.

As the Abbot so aptly stated, “Such a stylish development will help make the wines of Stift Gottweig unforgettable.”

I completely agree with him.  And you will too, with just one sip of this devastatingly gorgeous Gruner Veltliner:

For those of you new to the Gruner Veltliner grape, don’t be scared off by the Germanic language.  The wine is NOT SWEET.  This frisky charmer of a dry white wine bursts from your glass with aromas of lemon, kaffir lime leaf, orange blossom, white flowers, freshly squeezed lychee and charming hints of exotic spices.  Think Sauvignon Blanc, but with a touch of spring’s wildness.

The palate is where things really get fun.  This GruVee is lush, sensual, and extravagant on the palate.  It gives you lots of textural richness, making it great as a cocktail or to pair with all kinds of warm-weather foods, while maintaining its purity and definition.  In other words, Stift Goettweig’s GruVee is darn exciting to drink.

And I do mean exciting – it’s bottled with just a touch of C02 under screw cap on purpose. This allows for no sulfur additions, while leading to wines filled with joy and verve.  Hip monks, I tell you.

Indeed this is the wine the monks use for mass, yet you certainly don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy it (though enjoying this wine MAY inspire you to great things as well).

I’ll leave you with one final thought: Ut iIn Omnibus Glorificetur Deus.  This exhortation was originally intended for those who sold the monks’ handiwork, reminding them that God should be glorified not only by the monks’ labor, but also by the justice of the seller’s transaction.  This year with Stift Goettweig, I was able to coordinate one heck of a deal.  I’d like to think it was meant to be.

Did I make you a believer?  Let me know – and do enjoy this heavenly wine!

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