2017 Jarenincan Črnko Premium White Wine Cuvee 1.0 L bottle


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If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve had this experience: huge family dinner for Thanksgiving. And you’re the “wine guy” so you’re tasked with bringing the wine. And you really enjoy wine and it is a special occasion, so you want to bring something special. Yet there are SO MANY PEOPLE with—to be polite – divergent wine palates, that you feel conflicted.

Well, for you terroir wine lovers, here is the answer – Črnko Premium White Wine Cuvee.

Now there is a lot to discuss and explain about this wine, but straight to the point: This is super fun drinking wine.

Really, there is no reason to look into the wine any deeper: It’s got great fruit character, it’s mineral, it’s got a richer body, it drinks way above its price, it’s low alcohol, it comes in a liter bottle under crown cap, and it’ll fit seamlessly with so many foods, including the Thanksgiving meal. Just the perfect crowd pleaser, from the guzzler in your group to the intellectual, this is a home run.

And because I know you actually want to know—what is it? The grape composition is 40% Sauvignon, 30% Pinot Blanc, and 30% Muscat.

The Sauvignon gives pineapple, green apple, and grass character along with a zippy palate. The Pinot Blanc adds in stone fruit and the full textures across the mid palate, and the Muscat really makes the nose of the wine pop while giving more raciness. This is the perfect quaffer of a wine – totally fun to drink, while also being intellectually engaging.

The family that makes it are the two-generation team of Črnko, mom and dad, and son and daughter-in-law. They cultivate a mere six hectares of southwest-sloping vineyards in the Jareninski Vrh and Slatinek, which, from my figuring, is in the northeast corner of Slovenia, near southern Austria. While I haven’t been there, I find all the pictures of family, friends, and landscape utterly charming.

And that is what this wine is – utterly charming!

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