2017 Le Val Merlot d’Oc



About six weeks ago, Waterford offered the wine Le Val Cabernet d’Oc (epistle below). We here at Waterford love darn good French wine, and we love it even more when the significant other isn’t shocked at the price tag. To that end, our Le Val Cabernet special was gone in hours. And like a cold winter returning post Groundhog’s Day, sadness set in.

Yet now, our little Champion returns! With a twist – it’s the brother to the Cabernet – Merlot.

Yes, Merlot. Now since Sideways everyone has a thing against Merlot, or at least a preference towards Cab. So let me lay out the pitch:

Strike One: This Merlot is even better than its Cabernet twin! At Waterford we tasted them together and unanimously voted for the Merlot (it was our pecuniary sensibilities that led us to launch the Cab first).

If you don’t believe me, Wine Enthusiast offers this perspective: “Top 100 wine and best buy. Medium-intense and slightly creamy in feel, this plush, ripe wine boasts of upfront notes of blackberry, boysenberry and raspberry on the nose and mouth. The fruity core is partnered with a backdrop of vanilla and sweet spice, all framed by dusty tannins that lend a satiny texture. Final hints of bramble and cocoa grace the finish.”

Strike Two: the most difficult blind guess for Master Sommelier candidates is the difference between Merlot and Cabernet when they are grown in the same region with the same style. With good reason, because the varieties are completely complimentary. This wine is fantastic, and even more delicious because of the price.

And there is no strike Three – because this Merlot is going to hit it right out of the park!

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