2018 Baudry-Dutour Chinon “Amaranthe”


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If you and I were to visit the Baudry-Dutour vineyards in Chinon on a warm autumn day, we’d see a bloom of garnet Amaranth flowers. The name of the flower derives from the Greek word for undying, and the flowers themselves are symbols of immortality. They’re also, for me, a symbol of these grape vines and their farmers. The Baudry family has had vineyards in Chinon since 1398.

The Baudry-Dutour vineyards are owned by Christophe Baudry — the nephew of the famous Chinon vigneron Bernard Baudry — and Jean-Martin Dutour, another vigneron of great Loire Valley pedigree. Christophe and Jean-Martin cultivate four idyllic vineyards in the Chinon appellation. These are vineyards with terraces on alluvial soils, which grow, as they have for hundreds of years, beautiful Chinon grapes and Amaranth flowers.

Christophe and Jean-Martin farm their vineyards according to the principles of lutte raisonée. They age the grapes for their Chinon Amaranthe in stainless steel tanks to amplify the fruit character they cull from their vineyards. As you might expect from nature and ancient vineyards, the garnet colors of Christophe and Jean-Martin’s Chinon Amaranthe mirror those of their estate’s Amaranth flowers. These colors and this wine greet you with open arms — with aromas and flavors of fresh red berry fruits, red and purple flowers, red licorice, and black pepper.

It’s a wine that’s true to its name. A style as ancient as it is undying. Easy to drink, happy to please, perfect for everybody.

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