2018 Cantina LaVis Pinot Grigio



Pinot Grigio does not have to suck.

It can be one of the most refreshing, joyful wines out there, if you know how to grow and vinify it with love and care.

The proof? LaVis Pinot Grigio 2018.

LaVis opens with aromas of ruby grapefruit, honeydew melon, litchi and caramelized oranges. The palate is fresh and vibrant, offering up cool sensations of water spiked with mint and cucumber. It finishes with a hint of wet slate and neroli, making its final flavors as clean and bright as the waters of Lake Garda, Italy. It’s the perfect cocktail wine for out on the lanai, or fried squash blossoms stuffed with mozzarella and ricotta, finishing the meal with grilled shrimp with a mango and papaya salsa.

Yes, Pinot Grigio can be this good.

In fact, most Pinot Grigio made by Italians is this good. Watery, vapid, tasteless Pinot Grigio is almost an entirely American aberration to the variety that doesn’t resemble what Italians themselves drink.

LaVis Pinot Grigio is different. Just north of Lake Garda in Italy, up in Alto-Adige is where LaVis hails from, the climatic conditions are perfect for ripening Pinot Grigio to its utmost fruit characteristics while preserving its treasured zestiness.

Come see what you’ve been missing. Drink LaVis Pinot Grigio with joyful abandon!

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