2018 Domaine Claudie Jobard Pommard Les Vaumuriens


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Those who play Insider Burgundyball know that Les Vaumuriens is a Premier Cru vineyard that divides into bas and haut. In most years, Claudie produces both and labels (and prices) them as Premiers Crus. But in years like 2018, she only makes one, combines both bas and haut, drops Premier Cru from the label, and lowers the price. What you’re getting here is a Premier Cru wine at a Village-level price. As with the Millaine, the terroir of Pommard shines through – lush raspberry fruit, cherries, wild berries, violets and hints of currants and ultra-ripe cranberries. The palate is full, rounded and filled with depth in the middle, resolving into fine-grained tannin on the back. The finish is extremely long, revealing that this wine is good young, but will last many more years in the cellar. A classic, noble and refined Vaumuriens.

This was the wine that Grandma Jobard asked to taste back to the first vintage that she made it – 1964. As noted, for Claudie, this was the turning point. The vertical was, she says, “just magical. Vintage after vintage, it so strongly revealed the identity of the vineyard that the hand of winemaker couldn’t be seen.” The experience encapsulates the French idea of terroir — an idea so powerful to all wine lovers. “It was like waking up one morning to discover just how beautiful the world is,” Claudie said, acknowledging that her mom taught her “he love of winemaking.

This wine is young now, but for its price, the stuffing is all there. If it lasted long enough for Grandma Burgundy, then it’s good enough for my cellar. We got a small allocation of this vintage. Do not miss it.

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