2018 Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet



Founding Dry Creek Vineyard in the 1960s, MIT graduate and impresario David Stare cashed in his engineering credentials for a small slice of heaven – an empty strip of land across from the Dry Creek General Store, in Sonoma County. The first winery in Sonoma since Prohibition, more than 50 years later, David and his daughter Kim are making profoundly delicious wine.

I haven’t met David or his daughter, but I have had the privilege of meeting many members of their sales team over the years. And every time I’ve had an introduction, I’ve been amazed at how long their team has been together – 14 years, 18 years, 28 years or even since the beginning, nearly 50 years ago. In these troubled times, it’s amazing to think of a family-owned business thriving for 50 years, employing others in the community this entire time. It gives me pleasure and pause.

But pausing isn’t good enough right now – you need wine! We need to sell wine, and we’re not holding back, as we bring you one of the best wines right here, right now.

I love Sonoma Cabernet (Dry Creek being in Sonoma), while the world at large values Napa. Sonoma Cabernet is something special – in a word, it’s complex. Yes, it’s got the plentiful blue and black fruit character you expect from its big brother Napa, but that is supplemented by enticing notes that you might find in Bordeaux: pencil lead, gravel, savory touches of herb. Sonoma Cabernets are some of the most complex on earth. Consider Dry Creek:

This wine opens with a huge nose of gorgeous and big aromas, a meaty and sweet black-fruit presence offers up flavors that are ripe, rich, luxurious and powerful. While the ripe fruit leads, there is plenty of tannin that provides an exciting framework – you know you’re drinking Cabernet and no other. This is powerful red wine, the kind we know and love! Drink now, or if you are feeling optimistic, go ahead and cellar this gem for the next 15 years.

Over in Napa Valley, wine, especially Cabernet, is expensive. And most of it is sold before you get an opportunity to buy it. Fine: Napa Valley Cabernet is Expensive. But here in Sonoma, longstanding families make heaven-sent Cabernet with great value to boot. This is a exceptional wine and an even greater buy. Don’t miss it.

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