2018 Karl Erbes Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett



Known for producing great wine for nearly 2,000 years. Urziger Wurzgarten yields dramatic wine by anyone’s measure, for this is one of the greatest places in the world to plant Riesling.

Wurzgarten (pronounced VERTS-garten) means “spice garden” and the name directly relates to the wine. In Karl Erbes’s Wurzgarten, the aromas burst from the glass with exotic, tropical spice aromas and kiwi, passionfruit, strawberries, tamarind and coconut. It is one of the steepest vineyards in all the Mosel, creating wines of punctuating depth and power. Wurzgarten is also home to some of the oldest vines in Germany, now reaching almost a century and a half, creating wines with finish that can be tasted minutes after the last glass is tasted.

Erbes’s Wurzgarten is “fruity” in the sense that almost all wine, including red wine, purchased in grocery stores is fruity – the primary taste of the wine is its enjoyable fruit flavors. These flavors are balanced by the freshness of acidity. Balance is always the key to enjoying fruity wine,s and no winemaker does it better than Karl Erbes. Its mild 7 percent alcohol means Grandma can get her drink on and you can drink yourself sober, all at the same time.

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