2018 Montes “Classic Series” Merlot



I speak from experience –

Wake up the next morning, come downstairs, and yep, there it is, the scene of the crime:

The dinner was going great, the guests were partying, much wine had been consumed, and yet I just had to go for a bit more. And of course, being so gay and happy I didn’t want to simmer down, I wanted to boil over!

Stumbling down to the cellar to grab the next most awesomest wine – out comes the Grand Cru Burgundy, out comes the Bordeaux First Growths, and hey, why not, some vintage Insignia for kicks. Let’s get this job done!

And then to wake up in the morning with half a bottle of Latour sitting on the kitchen counter. What a waste.

While I know this never happens to anyone else but me, I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite superhero – the Cellar Defender. Yes, a bottle of wine that cries out “Drink Me!” right when I’m already four glasses deep, my palate is shot out, and yet I still want one more glass. The Cellar Defender, here to protect us in our most debauched hour, to quench our thirst when we need it the least, here to fling up barriers so grandma (or spouse) doesn’t dig into the good stuff.

That’s right, perfect for book club, the in-laws, third-bottles-in-a-night, 2:30 am, those returned collegiate children, what have you. Cellar Defender, to the rescue!

The Merlot displays aromas of wild cherry, truffles, sous bois and touches of sweet fermented tobacco leaf. It has just enough earth to give it some gumption and power. Fruit, spice, minerals, and pretty darn tasty to boot. It’s one of those wines that would be fun to serve blind to connoisseurs – it has great layers of flavor.

OK, on a serious note. I wouldn’t sell you crap wine – after all, I probably am going to be partying with you at some point, and then I’d be forced to drink it. So here is the real scoop: This is solid, tasty, Chilean wine. This Merlot is fruity and fresh and floral and lively and fun. Would I buy them myself? Yeah, because my cellar needs to be defended most of all!

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