2019 Arnaud Lambert Saumur Blanc St.-Cyr-En-Bourg



”One of the most talented winemakers in the Loire . . . Good vine age counts for a lot, his talent just as much. A benchmark winery!” — Bettane & Desseauve 2019, Top 100 Producers of France

“Lambert’s style arcs toward grace. His wines are stripped down and elemental, ripped with acidity and verve.” — Master Sommelier Rajat Parr, The Sommeliers Atlas of Taste

Arnaud Lambert has been collaborating with his father, Yves, a Loire Valley winemaker of distinguished pedigree, for more than 15 years. From the day Arnaud began his Saumur estate, he’s had a single objective: Making the truest wine his great Loire Valley terroir can yield.

Arnaud began by converting his vineyards to organic viticulture. Now he’s converting them again to biodynamic viticulture. He has always resisted intervening with the vinifying and maturing of wines in his cellar. You can taste the care of Arnaud’s vineyard and cellar practices in the quality of his wines. They’re bright works of art, short on pretension, long on purity.

Arnaud’s 2019 Saumur Blanc Coulée de St.-Cry-en-Bourg is made from 70-year-old Chenin Blanc vines in silt, clay, and sand over Turonian Superior bedrock — rock deposited in the Late Cretaceous Period about 90 million years ago. This terroir makes for a beautifully dry and complex wine, with classic Loire Valley Chenin Blanc qualities of citrus, spice, and wool. The 2019 Saumur Champigny Rouge Terres Rouges is made from 40-year-old Cabernet Franc vines in clay and silty chalk on limestone bedrock. The wine is super fresh, perfumy, light, and juicy.

Whether you choose a bottle — or more! — of Arnaud’s elegant Saumur Blanc or his smashable Saumur Champigny Rouge — and you really should choose both — you’ll be drinking wine which excels at giving pleasure. These wines are easy to drink, easy to love, and ideal for summer.