2019 Chateau Thivin Beaujolais Rose


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Is there any more jubilant, joyous, cheerful chilled-wine on a summer day than Beaujolais? I didn’t think so, until I tasted Chateau Thivin’s Beaujolais Rose.

I didn’t realize it, but it’s true – in Beaujolais you are allowed to make red, white and rose wine, but only about 2% of the entire region’s production is Rose. For those counting, that means Chateau Thivin’s Rose is one of the world’s rarest bottles of wine. But who cares about rare when its right here at Waterford Wine? What we do care about is its stunning deliciousness:

The wine opens with aromas of minty, crisp Bosc pears and Brandywine apples, summer strawberries and a touch of tarragon. On the palate it is fresh, incisive, and brilliant. There is a beautiful core of fruit with vibrant acidity and a Beaujolais-like body of succulent tart fruits. It is incredibly crushable, yet also incredibly sophisticated. As Kermit Lynch, the American importer for Thivin notes, “The wine resembles a country squire who is not afraid to get his boots muddy. Handsome, virile, earthy, and an aristocrat.” Indeed. And who doesn’t need a rugged (yet gallant) country squire at their next summer party?

Chateau Thivin (Tih-van is how I’d say it) is on the hill of the Cote de Brouilly in Beaujolais, France. The Cote de Brouilly is one of the crus of Beaujolais, and happens to be an ancient volcano with a surface grade of 48% and crumbling granitic topsoil. All of this makes it one heck of a place to farm grapes, which results in awesome Cru Beaujolais wine. The “Chateau” itself is ancient, dating back to the 1400s, with its modern progenitors dating from the 1870s – the Geoffrays. It was none other than famed food writer Richard Olnay who guided Kermit Lynch to Chateau Thivin in 1976, resulting in a partnership that lasts to this day (and we here at Waterford started with them in the 2008 vintage).

So why have you never gotten an email on this wine before? Well, it’s rare, and we usually don’t get allocated any of it. This year, things being as crazy as they are, we received a tiny allocation. Get yours today because this charming country squire requires no social-distancing.

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