2019 Fefinanes Albarino



High up on the northwest coast of Spain are the great Rías of Galicia. These stunning estuaries (or fjords if you’re Scandinavian like me) probably explain why the Celts settled in the area. If the spectacular sunsets on the Rías don’t encourage you to stay, maybe the pristine forested beauty of the Val do Slanes, or the unspoiled white sand beaches of Cambados, or the tangy freshness of Galicia’s great white wine will.

I’m talking about Albariño – Galicia’s wine gift to seafood lovers everywhere.

In this land of succulent treasures like butter-poached Vieras scallops, tiny sweet Almejas clams, grilled octopus a feira, and freshly shucked Percebes right from the ocean at your feet, you need a wine of vigor and crisp, lemony brightness. You need the native wine of Galicia – Albariño. And specifically, De Fefinanes Albarino.

The castle pictured on the label is not mere artifice: It actually reflects the founding of the famous dynasty by the Viscount of Fefinanes in 1583. That being said, it is only in the 17th century that wine production began at the castle. The first modern labels (the one the wine bears today) were drawn in 1928, and in 1929 the wine won the international wine trade fair.

Just one taste of this great wine and you’ll understand why it has returned to the forefront of wine lovers worldwide.

The high-trellised Albariño vines of Fefinanes carries the zesty meyer lemon taste that is typical to this fleshy, crisp wine. But there is more, Fefinanes offers greater complexity than most. Along with its Golden Delicious notes come hints of spicy, floral aromatics. The palate is refreshingly ripe with a delicate note of citrus zest. The finish is in the classic style – with a charming hint of brininess. It is the perfect match for seafood – in Galicia or Milwaukee.

This is one of the best Albarinos I’ve had in a long time – crisp, thirst quenching, with dynamic minerality and tension. One sip, and I am sure you will be hooked!

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