3.0 Liter New Oak Whiskey Barrel



A barrel.

Yes, a barrel – it’s the most awesomest thing ever.

First, most whiskey connoisseurs will tell you that 80% of the flavor of a whiskey comes from the barrel.  So having your own barrel is really like having your very own whiskey.  Once you put a whiskey (I’d recommend The Bull Moose) into your barrel, it’s never going to taste like anyone else’s again.  It’s yours, yours alone, and that is awesome.  And you don’t even have to work for it.  Nature and chemistry are going to do all the hard lifting, finishing with a flourish to give you some amazing hootch.

When’s the last time you got to taste an older whiskey?  You know, one that is say 12, or 16 or even 21 years old and richly mellowed to the point of luxuriously full-bodied richness?  Here, these barrels are 3.0 Liters Large, or about a 10th the size of a regular barrel.  And they are all-new oak.  This combination will age your whiskey 10 times faster.  Over-barrel some Bull Moose right now and by Easter, your barrel will have matured the equivalent of 2 and a half more years.  Leave it in there over a hot summer and you’ll mature that whiskey into solid gold.

And you can tap your own barrel at any time.  These come with a spigot.  You don’t need to guess.  Simply take a little nib anytime and see where your spirit is.  Watch it evolve over many treasured (and conversation-worthy) years in your bourbon bunker.

Should your barrel ever run dry, it giveth again – you can refill it with more whiskey.  But to rock your own distinct awesomeness, maybe fill it with rum, age the rum, and then fill it with Scotch – boom, it’s your very own rum-barrel-finished Scotch, the kind you’d pay $40 extra per bottle for.  Or consider this: Pour some porter into the barrel and place it in the fridge – it’s your very own bourbon barrel beer.  Drink the beer, refill with rye – and you have your very own porter-aged rye whiskey.

This ain’t just any old cute piece of lumber. For the whiskey connoisseur in all of us, it’s also the key to the kingdom of our own personal age-statement elixir.