A Coroa 200 Cestos Godello, 2015


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I am a firm believe in Eric Asimov’s (wine writer for The New York Times) claim “that if you are willing to explore, you will be vastly rewarded.”

And here is one such vast reward – single-vineyard Godello planted in 1956 on pure granite soils, aged nine months on the lees. A gorgeous, big-boned, big -extured white wine – at a steep discount – for those who are willing to explore.

We at Waterford are no strangers to Godello. As Sortes has been one of our top Spanish whites year in and year out. With this family, A Coroa, we started a little bit later but have come on strong. Their basic bottling has been rocking the back room for a couple of vintages. But this wine is no mean basic. This is the Grand Poobah of Godellos:

Godello, to me, is a low-aromatic variety, which makes it all the more intriguing. On the nose are smells of a fresh body of water, salt-cured lemons, and sea breeze. The palate is where the action is – offering up a gorgeous texturally hedonistic weight, the depth here is impressive and engaging. That carries all the way through to the finish, which is I swear is minutes long. The wine is viscerally thrilling yet astonishingly balanced across its texture, acidity and finish. Extremely elegant.

So where does the price break come from? Well, apparently the importer and the A Coroa family are in the midst of arguing, so a supply chain break-up is occurring with some inventory left in the lurch, needing a happy home.

Thus, it circles back – if you are willing to explore, here is your reward.

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