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Every year, the single malt Scotch distillery hosts a party the Ardbeg Committee. I have never been, but I’m told it’s the awesomest committee you can ever sit on. And I believe it.

At this committee meeting (by the way, I think it’s about a 4,000-strong committee) new renditions of Ardbeg are revealed, tasted and judged. Out of maybe 20 new Ardbegs, the committee whittles it down to the best. And this year’s expression is Kelpie.

OK, I’m gonna guess that the name Kelpie doesn’t really sell you on it. But trust me. It is THE tasty peaty jam, it is highly allocated, and you just gotta have some.

Here is what Kelpie is:

The Ardbeg spirit that is matured in virgin oak casks made from oak grown, seasoned, and dried on the Black Sea. As far as I have ever tasted, it’s the only whisky I know of to be made in this way.

And the taste:

Ardbeg’s wonderful and intense nose: a citrusy burst of peach, estuary, fruit, hickory wood, clove oil, creamed coffee, fudge, and then smoking peat and a sharp herbal note. Always wonderfully complex, there are layers for you to enjoy. On the palate, it opens up with bacon and dark chocolate, espresso, black pepper and smoked coconut. It’s got all of Ardbeg’s deep gutsiness, but combined with a mystery X-factor of the oak maturing that makes it something unique and utterly special. For those of you who enjoy Islay, and/or peat, you want a bottle of this outstanding dram.

But as I noted before, these come once a year and then are gone. If you want it, now is the time to act.

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