Jeio Prosecco Desiderio Rosé


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The Bisol family has been making Prosecco Sparkling Wine for over five generations. And as it is the case with many historic winemaking families, tradition has its pride of place, but modern innovation is allowed to improve the quality, flavor, precision and expression of the wines. “The power of Prosecco,” asserts Gianluca Bisol, the president of the winery, “lies in its capacity to symbolize the Italian style of living: fine, modern, and versatile.”

Innovation, in the case of Bisol, took a particularly ancient expression — that of love. Specifically, the legendary love shared by the family patriarch Desiderio and his wife. Desiderio was known to everybody as “Jeio,” the loving nickname his wife gave him. He, in turn, applied his passion — for his wife and his vineyards — to create a Prosecco from the best fruit of the hills of Valdobbiadene, a Prosecco he named as a tribute to his wife. That’s the power of love — of love entwined with vines and wine.

And you know, after drinking a bottle of this Prosecco, I am more than happy to revel in that story. Desiderio’s Jeio Prosecco Rosé opens with generous aromas of strawberries, touches of sweet tangerine fruit, crisp notes of lemon and a dash of dried roses. The palate is clean and crisp yet doesn’t lack for flavor. There’s a mid-palate fruit density centered around Rosaceae flavors, with a fresh and crunchy note of Honeycrisp apple.

This Prosecco is one of the great sparkling wines of Italy.

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