Bodegas Underground Ruido Blanco Vinilo 2015


$25.00 $9.99

I’ll admit it. I love crisp, refreshing, mineral driven white wine. Of course, Chablis is the hallmark area of the world to get an immense amount of flavor out of spine-tinglingly thirst-quenching wine. And as much as I love Chablis, I also am willing to explore. Here’s my new jam:

This wine is made by two young hot-shot Argentinian winemakers. They have regular day jobs that pay the bills. And then at night, they get to pursue their side passion, wine. This 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc is named after vinyl records, and the name means “white noise.” The nose is of apple and stone-fruit aromas, and the wine tastes of briny orange, finishing racy and salty.

Clocking in at 12% alcohol, this wine is all about refreshment and minerality. Think of it as a lemon / lime LaCroix mineral water with a kiss of alcohol – when you get done with that solid 5k run, it’s time to polish off a bottle. Got some salt-block seared tuna and shrimp ceviche? Boom: This is your play. Its lemon zestiness, mixed with kaffir lime leaf, crispy acidity softened with aging in traditional concrete, results in a wine that is completely fresh, elegant and stylish. On the palate, green apple, white peach mixed with lavender, savory and tarragon complete a complex and vibrant drinking experience.

As with most passion projects of this kind, it is a hand crafted experience, and as such, usually darn expensive. Yet for reasons somewhat as mysterious as the inspiration for the name, our parcel came in at a rockingly low price. Keep some on hand for rockingly good refreshment!

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