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Distillery Notes:

“Located in the heart of California wine country and positioned between Terravant Winery on one side and Figueroa Mountain Brewery on the other, Ascendant Spirits is the first legal distillery to operate in Santa Barbara, CA since Prohibition.”

“A few years ago, I started learning more about the craft distilling movement and realized that with the growth in the spirits market and the limited number of distilleries, there was a great opportunity,’ says Steve Gertman, the distillery’s founder. Gertman fell in love with whisky on a trip to Scotland in 1998, and finally, 15 years later, opened up the doors to Ascendant Spirits in the spring of 2013.

“Ascendant Spirits is outfitted with its own custom, American-made, 500-gallon copper pot still, built entirely to Gertman’s — who also serves as Ascendant’s Master Distiller — specifications. Outside of the distillery’s walls, the Santa Rita Hills also play an enormous part in Ascendant’s final product. During the day, an intense humidity rolls over the California countryside, causing temperatures to rise as much as 40-50 degrees. This allows the barrels to “breathe heavy,” and the whisky to age much faster — up to four times faster than in Kentucky, according to scientists at California Polytechnic State University — due to its increased interaction with the wood.”

We’ve got two Bourbon whiskies at a smashing deal for you to try out – Wheated Bourbon and Port Barrel finished.

Wheated Bourbon:

“By replacing rye in our mash bill with wheat we have created a bourbon that is softer on the palate. Remaining true to tradition, this bourbon is aged in new, deeply charred, White American Oak, 53-gallon barrels for a minimum of five years. Only 8 barrels are carefully selected by our Master Distiller.”

The nose opens with an almost red fruit smell of raspberries and black currants, but then is quickly taken over by dried apricot, saffron, vanilla bean and pine nuts caramelized in sugar on a graham cracker crust.  The palate continues with baking spices: brown butter and cinnamon, toffee, ginger and hazelnut.  The finish is lingering and subtle, like a kiss at sunset.

Port Barrel Finished:

“Inspired by the talented artisans making some of the world’s best wines in the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Rita Hills, our Master distiller finishes aged bourbon in beautifully seasoned port barrels acquired from a local winemaker for secondary gaining. This results in a distinctly smooth and complex bourbon with a beautiful hue.”

The nose opens with a perfume of fruity and ripe raisin notes, backed by a nutty roundedness. On the palate there is remarkable character, it is creamy and silky with fruit, honey and spice notes. The finishes is long, vinous, and rounded. A special rare treat in Bourbon whiskey!

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