Domaine de Colette Regnie 2018



“A small parcel of 70-year-old vines has produced this ripe, rich wine. Black cherry and black-currant flavors are boosted by fresh, young acidity. Soft tannins and a crisp aftertaste complete this satisfying wine.”

— Wine Enthusiast on 2018 Domaine de Colette Regnie

Do you remember the first time you drank Marcel Lapierre’s Morgon? Or Jean Foillard’s Fleurie? Do you remember those aromas? Those flavors? How juicy those wines were? Their purity? Do you remember how they made you feel? How they changed the way you felt about Beaujolais?

For many of us, those first experiences with honest Beaujolais were 20 years ago. Back then, the prices of those wines were half of what they are today. They were wines you drank by the bottle and bought by the case.

“Gone forever, Ben,” I hear you say to me.

But I say to you, “No way, my friend!”

You can drink a great Beaujolais today for the price you paid for Lapierre Morgon at the turn of the century.

Domaine de Colette is located at the top of a small village in the cru of Regnié, less than one kilometer from the border of Morgon. Its gracious vigneron, Jacky Gautier, owns the domaine, as his family has for the better part of a century. As his family has for generations, Jacky cultivates his vineyards organically and makes his wines honestly.

Jacky’s Regnié — made from the vines of his family’s native Cru — is the jewel of the domaine. It’s the purist and the prettiest. It’s the one that reminds me of my first sip of Marcel Lapierre’s Morgon.

The wines of the Regnié Cru are more intensely aromatic and fruity than those of any other Beaujolais Cru. And the vines of the Regnié of Domaine de Colette benefit from 70 years of life on pink granite soils. It greets you with the colors of shimmering rubies, with aromas and flavors of roses and raspberries, strawberries and cherries. It’s a delicious mouthful of ripe Gamay and granite minerality.

A completely satisfying wine. A wine with the pedigree of great Beaujolais. And a wine at a price you paid for great Beaujolais at the turn of the century. The kind of wine you drink by the bottle and buy by the case.

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