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Hooray, for spring is finally here! And with the coming of spring comes a confluence of factors that we here at Waterford just love – first, being able to go outside without a jacket. Second, the bounty of spring vegetables that comes pouring in: morels, ramps, fava beans, asaparagus, and fiddleheads – to name just a few. And what also returns to create the perfect pairing with all these factors? Rosé wine.

“Returns” isn’t quite the right terminology, but, if you can stand the winding logic of this epistle, you’re gonna get a payday at the end. Here goes:

In Wisconsin, the wine-supply chain rushes and scrambles and crams to get Rosé here as quick as possible to meet our sometimes timely (and sometimes not) spring. But then, come late July, the supply chain does the opposite – it flushes as much Rosé outta the warehouse system in the belief that by September, nobody here will want Rosé anymore.

It’s a chaotic system to say the least, yet it also is somewhat reasonable – Wisconsinites DO tend to slow down on the pink stuff once there is snow on the ground. But what we’ve found is that late in the year is the perfect time to go Rosé hunting – all those wholesalers who have any Rosé left want it gone and are willing to cut deals. Further, I believe that many Rosés come too young. They need a season to sort themselves out, freshen up, and get up on the good foot.

And that leads to today’s perfect confluence. Wine needing a happy home, deals to be cut, and Rosé wanting to be shared and enjoyed. Welcome in Domaine Le Pive Gris Rosé!

As the importer notes: “Nestled in the wilderness of the Camargue national park, Domaine le Pive is comprised of 113+ acres of organically farmed vines, with a modern, state of the art winery and historic Romanesque chapel at its center.”

We note that the wine opens with charming notes of orange blossom, white peach and crisp strawberry. Yes, it is a back-vintage Rosé, but I would have you note two things. First, a little time in bottle doesn’t hurt Rosé – even if that is contrary to popular opinion. Second, its bottled under screw-cap, a very tight seal, so the primary cause of aging – oxygen infiltrating the wine, doesn’t happen. It’s fresh and elegant, polished yet easy-drinking with freshness and minerality. And heck, at this price, if you don’t like it, mull some fruit in a glass, mix half and half with spritzer, top with a float of Brandy and enjoy an incredible sangria!

Domaine Le Pive bottled their Rosé in a 500 ml bottle because that is apparently all the rage in bistros in Paris. I say you can either start with it, or party with – buy a bottle just for fun and spirit it to Jazz in the Park to drink solo. Or buy a case and throw your own Spring Festival. Either way, this is delicious wine.

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