Domaine Montbourgeau Cremant du Jura



Of this producer – Domaine de Montbourgeau – we here at Waterford just can’t get enough. I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Figuratively, there is great romance in the terroir to quote my own introspection about the domaine:

“And so it was that I found myself in an early January darkness. It was around eight o’clock at night, and I was in the appellation of L’Etoile — which is French for “star” — at Domaine de Montbourgeau. There, suddenly, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. While my party was drinking wine made from the native grape called Poulsard, and while the owner of the estate, Nicole Deriaux, was explaining how the terroir of the region is filled with the fossils of ancient starfish, the ground began to twinkle as if from the luster of so many stars. It was like heaven and earth had changed places.”

And literally, we can’t get enough. As my wholesaler wrote in an email to me about this wine, “This is the most that’s been offered to WI in like 5 years.  Last year, I had 6 bottles to sell.  I kept them for myself.”

Domaine de Montbourgeau makes quite a few wines, and we’ve offered many of them out to you. But as you might guess, its been a long time since we’ve offered this one.

This one is Montbourgeau’s sparkler.  It’s 100% Chardonnay, made in methode champenoise, spends 18 months on the lees, and is absolutely, outrageously delicious. Many of you may remember it from the restaurant All Purpose. It was Justin’s Champagne pour whenever he could get his hands on it.

For those of you who do remember this sparkler, jump on it as fast as you can, and you won’t regret it. For everyone else, I wouldn’t hesitate either. This has all the hallmarks of great Blanc de Blancs Champagne – toasty notes on the nose combined with delectably fresh minerality, a fine line and cut across the palate, making it lovely to drink, and a long finish, all with the aging potential to go much further.

As I stated before – we never get enough of Nicole Deriaux’s Domaine de Montborgeau wines. Get some of these as fast as you can.