Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Sampler Pack (3-100 ml bottles, 1 Each Bourbon, Vintage, Sherry Cask Reserve)


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We here at Waterford love the distillery Glenrothes.

Glenrothes is the lone single-malt distillery that chooses to vintage-date their Scotch instead of giving an age statement. It’s an unusual practice, but one that Glenrothes fans have come to love – you can explore the growing conditions of the barley, the climate during maturation, across each and every year, in addition to all the other nuances that make Scotch so intellectually exciting.

And what is better than a single dram of Glenrothes? How about three, all at once? That’s right, we were issued a Glenrothes Tri-Pack, three 100 ml bottles of each of the reserves that comes in a smart little gift package. Here they are:

“Bourbon Cask Reserve: Formerly known as Alba Reserve, we have changed the name for transparency and simplicity of trade and consumer understanding. A certified Kosher expression it is matured exclusively in American oak ex-Bourbon casks. For this expression Gordon Motion has used Glenrothes matured exclusively in American oak refill Bourbon casks. It therefore delivers coconut and vanilla in abundance, and is soft and mellow with a crème brulée flavour and feel.

“Vintage Reserve: The combination of different Vintages aged in a variety of casks creates a balance of mature experience and vibrant youth. The oldest constituent brings mellow oak and dried fruits; the greatest proportion adds soft, mature, sweet vanilla; the more youthful add exuberance and lemon citrus, creating a sharp and uplifting taste.

“Sherry Cask Reserve: There are many factors we consider in determining an expression worthy of bottling and sharing with you. Of course, we’ve always been proud of the fact that we have our sherry casks made to specification in Jerez, southern Spain even though it costs around five times as much as American ex-bourbon equivalents. Now, we can offer you the chance to sample, without distraction, the unique dried fruit and resinous character that underpins the sherry top notes for which these casks are famed.”

And what is better than three drams at once? Three drams at a steal – you’ll be your own cheap date tonight! Slainte!

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