Kings County Distillery Straight Bourbon




If the eating of 90% cacao chocolate delivered to your mouth by the hand of a favored paramour could have an emotion, it would be how you feel after a glass of this bourbon.  If pure, unadulterated leisure could last a lifetime, it wouldn’t be quite enough to achieve the same level of declension as a glass of this bourbon: waves of malt, maple sap, caramelized bi-colored sweet corn freshly shucked, a “sweet” base of vanilla and caramel, Grandma’s Karo syrup poured over pancakes (she couldn’t afford more), and earthy dark molasses sap all the tension from the mind and body, leaving a languid, limpid shell.  Which immediately is filled with the joy of autumn – spices, dried flowers, leaves piled for children to jump into – delightfully running Sunday’s labor, like a robust, muscly, sweaty bosom embrace.  Giving or receiving, when you’ve come this far, you know it’s true love.