Kirk And Sweeney 23 Year



The 23-year is utterly mature and perfect for sipping (straight from the bottle if you like) on the porch.  Deep notes of caramel, barrel char, candied toffee, Bourbon vanilla and baking spices lift from the glass, inviting you to dive deeper into its sea of swirling complexity.  The palate drives through with a silky elegance, supple and smooth as liquid gold.  The finish is extremely long with all of the flavors promised on the nose being delivered – its caramel / toffee richness arriving perfectly to the belly as the flavors linger long on the palate.  Stunning, and one of the best rums on the market.

Or, another way to think of these two is – what would a 23-Year-Old Pappy Van Winkle cost you?  Or a 23-year-old Scotch?  Rum is amazing brown goods, and it’s undiscovered country.  For the quality, these are an absolute steal.

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