Konpira Maru: Chevaucher l’Eclair Pet Nat



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Some moments in life contain truly cruel twists of fate. This wine is one of them. It is a complete triumph… looks sexy, tastes sexy, was bottled by a squad of very sexy people. But when you have already called a wine ‘Total Victory’ this vintage it is probably a tad supercilious to call another one “Total and Utter Victory.” Well so I have been told, anyway. So how does one describe the moment of genesis of something so exquisite, hewn from the wild beauty of the Eminence Vineyard atop the Whitlands Plateau? One possible moment with a comparable level of majesty could be the birth of Monkey Magic, surely the greatest introduction to any TV show ever aside from Charles in Charge.

Tasting note
Rose hip and white peach with a sensational structure of preserved lemon acid. A strong sparkling bead with a silky light peacock eye haze.