Macallan Sherry Oak 30


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“Strength – 43% ABV/Casks -The Macallan Sherry Oak expressions are characterized by rich color and notes of dried fruit and spice, a result of being exclusively aged in 100% Sherry-seasoned oak casks. The pinnacle offering of the Sherry Oak range, The Macallan 30 Years Old follows the same faithful and tempered distillery process that distinguishes The Macallan from the rest. During the aging process, The Macallan Whisky Maker and his team keep a watchful eye on the casks to select the precise moment when each is at the peak of maturity. Through careful selection between almost 200 different casks, a composite is produced and passed to The Macallan nosing panel for final approval. With its rich mahogany color and deliciously smooth full-bodied flavor, The Macallan Sherry Oak 30 Years Old is the result of Macallan’s unwavering commitment to quality, patience and the pursuit of perfection.  Color: Rich Mahogany. Nose: Rich Sherry, with orange, clove, nutmeg and wood smoke. Palate: Deliciously smooth, with dried fruits, Sherry, orange and wood smoke. Finish: Long and rich, with orange and spice.”

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