Marius Red Rhone Blend by Michel Chapoutier 2015


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The Chapoutier family is one of the most successful winemaking institutions worldwide. But like many families, their path to success has not always been the straightest line of succession through the generations.

Though founded long ago, it was Marius (grandfather to current owner and winemaker Michel) who brought the company into its modern form in 1937. The estate he managed passed from father to son, to grandson in the French tradition. Unfortunately, winemaker and CEO was not the life that Marius’s son chose nor wanted. He suffered and the business suffered. And a fight began.

Michel, the grandson, showed enormous promise, yet he couldn’t get along with his father. Father had exiled Michel out of the winery, banishing him from continuing the family tradition. As this situation erupted, Grandfather chose to do something rather extreme – jump a generation. Marius took his few remaining personal holdings and entrusted them fully to his grandson. That’s right, the very few non-company garden blocks of vineyards went from grandfather to grandson, cutting out the company and skipping a generation.

It was a bold move and ultimately incredibly successful. Michel lived up to his potential. From his tiny inheritance, he built up a worldwide wine empire, eventually convincing his father to hand over the reigns and thus bringing M. Chapoutier to the top of the world’s wine-making families. Michel did not forget what Marius had done. And as a tribute to his trust, Michel created this wine, “Marius” from one of his granddad’s original holdings:

This sensual Rouge has more in common with many top Chateauneuf-du-Papes than one might expect. Loaded with aromas of black fruits, pepper, graphite and red floral notes, it is concentrated and rich yet with a firm enough structure that it remains fresh – urging the drinker to have more than a single glass. The finish is a crescendo of licorice, acacia flowers, blackberries, and cherry liqueur infused with espresso, creating a gorgeous wine-drinking experience.

As you may guess, Marius loved drinking wine. He was known to say, “a good wine is one you want to drink again and again.” He loved conviviality and the spirit of sharing wine and food together. And that is exactly what this wine is about – honoring a dedicated grandfather, drinking wonderful wine, and sharing the good life together. Cheers.

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