Mortlach 25 Year, Signatory, 1991, Single Cask #4244, Cask Strength 55% ABV



When I say this bottle is the finest Mortlach I have ever tasted, I mean it.  And all you Mortlach lovers out there should know it, too.  This is absolutely not one to pass over:

Loads of apricot and other yellow-flesh stone fruits dominate and are singular on the nose.  They meld with a rich and lush texture of caramel, toffee, touches of sea spray, wood smoke, burnished wood, deep forest and as one deep Scotsman said “old church” – and he meant it as the most divine compliment.

The palate is something out of this world.  I would say that it drinks “smoothly,” but that doesn’t quite hit it.  It drinks so smoothly that you can forget it’s alcoholic.  It goes down as easy as some kind of delicious creme caramel-like dessert.  But that’s not to say it’s shy, it ain’t.  It’s 55% alcohol, so you’re getting a goodly amount of spirit in the glass.  But it is just so fine, so integrated, and so supple, that it’s pure and easy going down.

And I am not the only one who thinks this Scotch is amazing.  Last week I was talking to the Scotch master who picked out this barrel.  The comment she got from Mortlach when they bottled it for her?

“This is the best thing that we have bottled all year.”

There you have it.  When the dude who’s been making Mortlach for 25 years says it’s the best, you better believe it.  The production run was 444 bottles for the world, hand-numbered.  We got a few of them.  Don’t hesitate to stash one in your collection.

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