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You may have heard of it as “Italian fire water” but here is an easier way to understand it:  It’s an Italian version of super-premium vodka. But there are a couple of big differences.

The technical definition of vodka is “a neutral spirt… as to be without distinctive character, aroma, or taste.” Grappa is not neutral, nor is it meant to be.  Grappa is distilled from wine grapes once the juice has been extracted.  In the distilling, the goal is preserve the some 3,000 different aromatic compounds of the grapes, resulting in an amazing spirit.

A few things should now begin to collide in your mind, especially after drinking some Grappa. First, while Grappa looks like vodka, it’s meant to be so much more – as these bottles will show you. Second, it makes sense that Italians, with their long history of making wine, would make a lot of Grappa.  Grappa as fire water?  Yes, that happens.  But it can be so much more.  You don’t confuse Uncle Bob’s White Lightning with CIROC Vodka (distilled from grapes), nor should you confuse this Grappa with any other.  Why?

Because Nardini Grappas are the best.  Simply the best, and better than all the rest.

This is Italy’s longest lasting, and oldest, distiller.  Nardini has been crafting spirits for almost 250 years, with a focus on Grappa.  You may have had Grappa before, but likely never like this.  We have four exceptional ones on offer:

The Nardini Bassano Grappa – named for the heart of Nardini, Bassano is a town in the Veneto region where the company and family are located.  This is pure, intense, focused and ultra smooth.  And I mean that.  It’s like sitting in the leather seats of a Lamborgini, even if you aren’t going to turn the ignition (nor should you after quaffing this Grappa).  As Nardini says, it’s made for intense moments of stylish pleasure. I say, that’s like rubbing your hiney into some good Italian leather – don’t be shy while drinking this Grappa.

Nardini Cedro – the name makes me think of cedar trees, but that is the wrong direction.  It’s actually the first, and the classic, spirit distilled with citron, which looks like a big funny lemon with an enormously thick rind that has for years been used in medicine, perfumes, candymaking and religious rituals.  It works in distilling because the skin is so thick.  The flavor is so intensely citrus it will vacuum away your not-so-fresh feeling. Or, served as an aperitivo or a long drink it will have a restorative effect like a gentle summer breeze.  It’s thirst quenching, and an amazing base for any fruit cocktail.

Nardini Mistra – here, an accent of star anise comes into play.  It’s like the hints of freshly charred, perfectly aged, Pappy Van Winkle bourbon were brushed onto top-shelf spirit.  It’s haunting, yet not heavy; enhancing, intriguing, entrancing.  It’ll leave you wondering. But best of all, served after dinner, it will inspire long conversations late into the night.

Nardini Rue –  made from a pure mountain herb used typically in medicine and magick.  Think of skiing on a high slope, and finishing first on a black diamond run.  You pull of your mask and of course the air is fresh, crystalline and powerful.  Yet there is the scent of evergreens, mountain water, and nature.  Rue is the feeling of winter Olympic victory, bottled.

If you still have no idea what to do with these don’t worry – Nardini has about 1,000 awesome cocktails for you to explore.  Just google Nardini Cocktails!

Now look at the prices.  I wasn’t joking.  Italians take Grappa seriously and Nardini is one of the best. Look at the prices again.

We have a strikingly hot price on all of these.  Vodka lovers, prepare to have your life enhanced.  Everyone else, get in the game!   I recommend getting yourself a sampler set of all four – why not, they never go bad once opened – and figure out just how awesome Grappa can be.

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